Are you a ditherer or a doer?


We’re all guilty of procrastinating from time to time – whether it’s due to can’t-be-botheredness or any number of silly distractions that win the battle for our attention when they REALLY could wait.

Other times, the reason for our procrastination can be an underlying problem such as fear of failure – or even fear of success. Procrastination can fill our bodies with anxiety hormones and lead to heightened stress and poor sleep long-term. So, is it better to be a doer?

New research has introduced the idea of pre-crastination. Pre-crastinators are amazing types that hate to delay deadlines and instead hurry to get them done and dusted as soon as possible. They like to chalk tricky tasks off their to-do list to offload the task from their minds. Even if it takes a lot more effort to do so.

“Most of us feel stressed about all the things we need to do, we have to-do lists, not just on slips of paper we carry with us or on our phones, but also in our heads,” said David Rosenbaum, a psychological scientist at Pennsylvania State University, who carried out the research. “Our findings suggest that the desire to relieve the stress of maintaining that information in the working memory can cause us to over-exert ourselves physically or take extra risks.”

Whether you’re a putting it off or a must do now kind of person, you can still be prone to stress-related symptoms.

Me? I’m going to start work on developing my pre-crastinator instincts pronto…

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos