Veggie Percy – Big up the new gelatine free sweet treat


As I’m in a sweet-toothed frivolous frame of mind as it’s a Friday afternoon, I thought I’d share some super news with fellow vegetarians – M&S has revealed Percy Pigs are soon to be available in a gelatine free option!

It’s a royal pain in the bottom that so many sweets are off limits to us vegetarians as they are produced using beef and pork gelatine, a protein made from animal tissue and gruesome stuff.

Veggie Percy uses a pea protein which has been specially developed just for him. M&S has spent over three years developing a veggie solution which maintains both flavour and the must-have bouncy texture.

Now M&S have found a way to produce sweets without using gelatine, will other sweet manufacturers take the hint and start looking into vegetarian alternatives? I really do hope so.

Meanwhile, Veggie Percy, who has the green ear vegetarian-friendly guarantee, will go on sale nationwide from Tuesday 2nd August for the purse-friendly sum of £1.25 for a 70g portion.

See you at the checkout!


Good to know

Thought I’d write a little follow-up on the celebrity health Q&A piece I’m currently working on for Your Healthy Living. I think many of us, myself included, are under the illusion that celebrities have it easy when it comes to keeping in shape and being healthy takes little to no effort at all. When speaking with Gizzi, it was very refreshing to hear that she goes through phases of feeling healthy and though she currently rates herself as an 8.5 out of 10, this is not always the case as she goes through six month phases where she exercises more depending on the seasons. Gizzi often tops up her diet with vitamins and supplements, was happy to admit like all women she has times where she thinks ‘sod it’ and has a little of what she fancies and revealed because she loves food so much she has learnt to eat well to maintain a healthy weight.

There’s a lot I could learn from Gizzi’s ethos on indulging occasionally only – I allow myself on most days a daily indulgence of something naughty – usually a packet of crisps – which is a terribly unhealthy yet yummy fatty salty treat- and actually think there is a slight addiction on the crisp front as I often crave a packet. Any hypnotists out there that can help – do please contact me. I adore eating fruit and vegetables and being vegetarian I do eat well most of the time, but crisps are a major black spot in my diet. Must do better…