Would you drink this for better health?


As health fads go, this one certainly made my morning cuppa splatter everywhere when I first heard of this amphibian-related wellbeing kick from Peru.

Yes, we may all have come across some health crazes that raise an eyebrow, but seriously, are people really drinking juice from frogs regularly?

Sadly, yes. One lady who runs a Peruvian juice stand in Lima has confessed to adding frogs to her juice and milkshakes for a number of years. She claims the juice extracted from the frogs can help to strengthen the body, reduce fatigue, while also acting as an effective tonic for bones and eyes. The juice is combined with up to 20 different types of fruit, and can also include a splash of wine, depending on each customer’s preference.

If you think this woman is alone in loving her daily frog kick, you’re very wrong. Her stand is ever popular, whizzing up to 80 drinks containing juices extracted from frogs each day. Some locals have even admitted they are unable to start the day without one.

I don’t care what the purported health effects are, I wouldn’t and couldn’t try even a sip of that. Yuck. 

The question is, could you?


Are we putting looking good before our health?


New research from Benenden Healthcare Society has unveiled a worrying trend among us ladies – four in ten UK women are more concerned about their looks than the state of their health.

The study of women aged 18-65 found that quite a few of us are more than happy to spend money on instant products which give the impression of health rather than buying products which are essential for a healthy lifestyle such as healthy foods, supplements, vitamins and gym/fitness activities.

Around 19% of responders confessed to crash dieting, eight in ten would be happy to continue with their unhealthy ways if they received a compliment, one in five would do anything to fit into a size eight pair of jeans – and worse still – one in 20 women confessed to laxative use as a helping hand to ease into tight-fitting clothes.

Staggeringly 93% agreed that Britain is an unhealthy nation, so why are some of us continuing to take health risks just to look good? It’s utter madness.

Are we getting too fixated on cheats to looking good rather than being savvy with our lifestyles? I’d love to hear your comments on this one ladies…