Let’s talk body image – Body Gossip campaign


In today’s post I wanted to highlight the fantastic campaign Body Gossip which hopes to raise awareness of the body image issues affecting today’s society and promote the message of self-acceptance.

One of the celebrities getting behind the campaign is Big Brother starlet and model Nikki Grahame whose lifelong battle with anorexia was the subject of her excellent book Dying To Be Thin, which Nikki wrote to help raise awareness of anorexia and to give hope to sufferers of the illness that leading a happy and healthy life is possible.

The campaign provides a platform for the public and celebrities to unite and speak out about the body issues affecting us, and hopes to discourage finger-pointing, as eating disorders can happen to anybody at anytime. The site contains some thought-provoking videos, expert advice, your views on body image and real-life stories including 31-year-old Amy’s story.

Delve in and join the debate…


Gizzi Erskine Q&A (celeb health)

Rather than endlessly telling you what I’m working on – I thought I’d share some of the features I have already written starting today. So, hopefully (if I have done this right!) above you should find my chat with the very lovely and inspiring Gizzi Erskine…

Good to know

Thought I’d write a little follow-up on the celebrity health Q&A piece I’m currently working on for Your Healthy Living. I think many of us, myself included, are under the illusion that celebrities have it easy when it comes to keeping in shape and being healthy takes little to no effort at all. When speaking with Gizzi, it was very refreshing to hear that she goes through phases of feeling healthy and though she currently rates herself as an 8.5 out of 10, this is not always the case as she goes through six month phases where she exercises more depending on the seasons. Gizzi often tops up her diet with vitamins and supplements, was happy to admit like all women she has times where she thinks ‘sod it’ and has a little of what she fancies and revealed because she loves food so much she has learnt to eat well to maintain a healthy weight.

There’s a lot I could learn from Gizzi’s ethos on indulging occasionally only – I allow myself on most days a daily indulgence of something naughty – usually a packet of crisps – which is a terribly unhealthy yet yummy fatty salty treat- and actually think there is a slight addiction on the crisp front as I often crave a packet. Any hypnotists out there that can help – do please contact me. I adore eating fruit and vegetables and being vegetarian I do eat well most of the time, but crisps are a major black spot in my diet. Must do better…