Hello, I’m a freelance journalist who loves to write, talk and listen about all things health and wellbeing. I write about all manner of health topics: diet, nutrition, natural health, women’s health, lifestyle, mental health, psychology and medical issues.

I’m always coming across interesting snippets of research and expert comments that I’m itching to share. Some of the magazines I write for include Benhealth, Running Fitness, Slimming World, Your Healthy Living, Mental Health Today and Learning Disability Today. I also work with charities, writing content for their membership magazines, these include the Alzheimer’s Society, Migraine Action, British Lung Foundation, Diabetes UK and the Depression Alliance.

A little about me: I’m a vegetarian with an allergy to nuts, I’m also asthmatic and have a vitamin B12 deficiency (which means I have to have regular B12 injections). I avidly seek out all psychological, medical or health-related TV programmes and also have a weakness for cookery shows, MasterChef is a particular fave.

Fitness-wise, I like to keep fit with a steady mixture of cardio and resistance exercise. I’m slowly growing to dislike burpies a little less. I’m also a keen runner. I started off following the NHS Couch to 5k plan (it’s brilliant), did a couple of 5ks and have now moved up to doing regular 10ks. I’m also mulling over whether to add a half marathon to my running targets for 2016 too.

If you want to get in touch to chat about my blog or to discuss commissions, drop me a line at julie@juliepenfold.co.uk – thanks!


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