Are we putting looking good before our health?


New research from Benenden Healthcare Society has unveiled a worrying trend among us ladies – four in ten UK women are more concerned about their looks than the state of their health.

The study of women aged 18-65 found that quite a few of us are more than happy to spend money on instant products which give the impression of health rather than buying products which are essential for a healthy lifestyle such as healthy foods, supplements, vitamins and gym/fitness activities.

Around 19% of responders confessed to crash dieting, eight in ten would be happy to continue with their unhealthy ways if they received a compliment, one in five would do anything to fit into a size eight pair of jeans – and worse still – one in 20 women confessed to laxative use as a helping hand to ease into tight-fitting clothes.

Staggeringly 93% agreed that Britain is an unhealthy nation, so why are some of us continuing to take health risks just to look good? It’s utter madness.

Are we getting too fixated on cheats to looking good rather than being savvy with our lifestyles? I’d love to hear your comments on this one ladies…



January detoxing – is giving up doing us any good?


If January is THE month of detox for you and it all started out with high hopes and big restrictions which are now becoming a real struggle to keep up – new research reveals failing your detox resolutions might just do you more good than you think.

The reasoning behind these claims is all down to the food and drink we tend to cut out which can in fact be just what our bodies need. Research from Nescafe reveals how tea, coffee, red wine and chocolate all featured highly on the list of most popular items to give up. Yet, when these food and drink items are consumed in moderation, they all are excellent sources of antioxidants which are fab for protecting the body’s cells from day-to-day damage. Coffee and dark chocolate are two of the highest antioxidant-rich sources.

Healthy eating is all about balance – if you fancy a cuppa or a bite of chocolate, just do it! You’ll feel all the better for being a little kinder to yourself. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments on this…

Note: Image courtesy of Image Loft/Matalan




Breast Cancer Care 5-Mile Challenge – Newcastle – can you help?

Breast Cancer Care is looking for media volunteers taking part in the Newcastle event to share their stories and become case studies for the local and national press. If you can help please contact Sheryl Plant at Breast Cancer Care – Sheryl would also like to hear from anyone who has had an experience with breast cancer or have found one of the Breast Cancer Care services helpful. 

The 5-Mile Challenge event takes place at Newcastle Exhibition Park on Sunday 20th March and participants are encouraged to walk, run or jog five miles to raise vital funds for the health charity.

The route starts and finishes in Exhibition Park and the charity are aiming to raise £100,000 to help support the 46,000 people in the UK who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. 

The challenge is open to all ages and abilities and the route is pram, buggy and wheelchair-friendly – great fun for family, friends and neighbours too.

If you are still to sign up – visit and quote Newcastle6 when you register to be entered into a free prize draw.

Making even a small donation can make a big difference to someone who has received the devastating news that they have breast cancer.

* £2 pays for a headscarf set, helping to boost the confidence of someone who has lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment

* £10 pays to provide a comprehensive easy-to-understand information pack for someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

* £23 pays for a call to the BCC helpline for information on any aspect of diagnosis and treatment as well as confidential and sensitive support. Conversations can often last more than an hour as the caller is given as much time as they need to talk.

 For more information on Breast Cancer Care please visit