Dietary Fat – What does it all mean?

New research by The Fat Panel has revealed that when it comes to knowing the difference between good and bad fats, and understanding why dietary fat is important for our health – us Brits find it all a little too confusing.

One in five of us thinks that saturated fat is a good fat, while one in four thinks we’re eating the right amount of saturated fats. And when it comes to trans fats we are completely baffled. More than a third of us think trans fats (TFAs) are good fats, and just under half of us worryingly think that TFAs are essential fatty acids. And as if that wasn’t bad enough – one in four actually think they should be eating more TFAs.

More than a quarter of the 1,000 people questioned by The Fat Panel did not understand that polyunsaturated fats are good fats, just under half realised that monounsaturated fats are good fats and one in five surveyed did not realise that we need some fat as part of a healthy diet.

Why do we need fat? Dietary fat in sensible amounts is essential for tissue repair, healthy skin, protecting our internal organs, delivering and transporting vitamins around the body, hormone metabolism plus aiding normal growth and development. 

I’ll look more closely at what each type of fat is, where good fats can be found, and which bad fats and their associated foods should be minimised for better health in my next blog post tomorrow. Otherwise this post will go on for miles and miles…!





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